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Meet The Pastor

     Pastor Somerville came to know the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior as a boy through a faithful Sunday school teacher. It was during his junior year at a Christian college that he began to sense the Lord’s call to the ministry. He obtained an M. A. in Pastoral Studies and later a doctorate in Pastoral Theology at a fundamental Christian college. While there he met his wife Bette, and they were married in 1973. The Lord has given them three children and six grandchildren.

     Pastor Somerville's first ministry was in a small town in New Hampshire. From there he moved to western Pennsylvania and ministered for 13 years. The Lord directed him to his hometown area in 2003. As a matter of fact, the property on which FLBC is located was once farmed by his father. It is his heart’s desire to minister to the needs of families in this area.

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